Succession Advisory

Entrepreneurs who have founded and advanced their companies with a lot of personal comittment and great dedication often face the problem to „appoint“ a successor for his own life´s work early enough. No matter whether it´s a family intern or an external solution.

Bertsch & Associates supports entrepreneurs during all phases of this multi-faceted and often also emotional decision process. Regardless if it´s a tax-optimized family intern transfer or the search for an appropriate external successor, the crucial question every entrepreneur is facing one day is:

What does he want to hand over to whom and at which price?

However it should be taken into consideration that ones own negotiation position is weakened the closer one get´s to the point of handing over the company. Especially since entrepreneurs often don´t focus on profit optimization but rather on the preservation of jobs and the company in their own sense, the time required for the search and development of a qualified favourite successor must not be underestimated.

Bertsch & Associates has certified advisors for succession at its disposal and accompanies entrepreneurs from the first steps to the final hand-over of the company.